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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


With the massive success of the Erzullie Pre-Holiday 2013 campaign, it's only fitting that the Erzullie Icon shown on it give out sme advice about how to apply as one for this year's The Next Erzullie Icon Plus Size Model Go-See (#TNEI2013). Kat Catapia gives out some advice on the upcoming plus size model applicants for the coveted ERZULLIE ICON spot.

Check out her thoughts below!

On sending your application: 

Be your self and make it an awesome one. Awesome means it has to have life and meaning. Don't be plastic about it.

On creating a portfolio: 

You just have to express yourself in your photos as if its talking and having a conversation to the one who is looking at it. Pictures are also form of art it expresses feelings and the main goal is to connect to the viewer.

On the plus size model go see proper: 

Be your self and don't make pa-cute (act cute). Be professional.

On being interviewed by the designers: 

You have to know the brand and say what you want. Don't be plastic or mag-feeling (full of yourself). Chill lang. 

On being selected as an Erzullie Icon: 

Have fun and relax! It's a responsbility yes. A big one. But you have to know above all to learn how to have fun while you are doing it.