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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Every Erzulliesta has a go-to accessory. It may be our watch, our phone (well that would be a need now wouldn't it?) or our all dependable all around bag. Whatever it may be, an Erzulliesta knows that an accessory is what either makes or breaks the outfit and as such, it is essential to any ensemble.

But such is old knowledge about accessories and style. We know that Erzulliestas are always out looking for new ways to view things and so, we share a few fresh thoughts about it. No "quality is queen" here, because you already knew that. Ha!

#1 Accessories are used to break the monotony of your style or to show it.

I am guilty of breaking this to be honest. Sometimes, I am so stuck with my personal style that everything screams the same visual tone. To the point that it has become boring. So, my dear Erzulliestas, if you want to 'liven it up' a little, then get some accessories that you like that will break the monotony of it.

Love black, just like me? Get ones with color or at least metallic sheen. Love color and loud? Solid, grounded hues are going to be awesome on you.

#2 Follow trends using the cheap accessories that portrays it.

Snake skin is in? You want to try it but don't want to buy a huge top or dress that you may or may not regret after? Get it in accessory form! Since it is small and it is just a dash, the trend is easier to merge with your current style. Accessories are also cheaper so at least, the risk is smaller.

Once you get accustomed to this trend and you do love it on you, then feel free to indulge!

#3 Get high end brands in your closet via accessories!

If you want to get high-end branded items in your closet but could not afford a $1,200.00 jacket/top/dress etc., then going for their accessories is a more budget-friendly way to be able to take them home.

Again, accessories are usually cheaper than their clothing counterpart, so if you want to wear something high end but just want to take a 'pinch' off your fashion budget, then buy it in accessories form.

In relation, high end designers are now collaborating with mass produce fashion lines as well. If you have a favorite designer, keep tabs to their news feeds as there may be announcement of it here and there. That's another way to get a designer item, without breaking the bank.

And so, these are just some 'new/old' style perspectives. What is yours?