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Thursday, August 22, 2013



We can't deny the fact that Erzulliestas love their shoes. And of course, aside from our killer heels, flats and stilettos, we cannot forget to mention our trustworthy boots. It takes us to the rain and covers us to give warmth during the cold. It can also amp up our summer style. The boots are one of the unsung heroes in our wardrobe (or maybe the most celebrated, depending on the Erzulliesta's preference of course).

But then there are those who are afraid to try, given that there are specific set of rules for them. And so, as much as some plus size women would like to try it, it seems like they are barred by society's point of view to do so. But what is an Erzulliesta but a woman that breaks every societal perception about a plus size fashionista?

She loves her boots and you cannot stop her from wearing it. As such, here are her rules on how to wear the boots, making you reboot your thinking about them.

Re-Boot Rule #1: Wear them, whatever length you are. 

There is this prevalent fashion rule that you should not wear boots when you are short because you will look shorter. In another view, tall girls must wear boots but without heels to make them a little shorter.

What does an Erzulliesta say? THROW THIS OUT OF THE WINDOW. I am actually guilty of this old notion. I even said it to my clients before (facepalm) but then right now I have realized. Where did this actually come from? And what is wrong with being short?

So first of all, I apologize to all of my Erzulliestas/clients that I actually did say this. I AM WRONG. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING SHORT/TALL etc. if you want to wear boots, WEAR IT. We are now in the age where criticizing other people for their looks and preferences is a little weird, since we are all about individuality right now.

Re-Boot Rule #2: Spider legs are no longer the standard. 

Sample of a positive comment: "SHE HAS THOSE LONG SEXY SPIDER LEGS."

But should it be the only form of positive comment about legs? Can't we have "SHE HAS THOSE SHORT SEXY SASSY LEGS!"?

I actually had a rude awakening about this. One person actually pointed this out on how stupid this statement is, and again, I MADE IT. (facepalm #2) Again, apologies Erzulliestas, but the person is right. Why do we want to elongate our legs when they are beautiful on whatever length it is? And also, what is the desired length of an elongated leg?

In a different perspective, I have also read some fashion tips stating that if you are tall, use boots to downgrade your height. Why do we also have to cut ourselves off when we have an amazing height? And also, what is the desired height? If we go about this, another huge debate is about to erupt and Erzulliestas are way too busy to go on with that.

And so, should you wear boots is because you like them and you feel empowered by them not because it elongates and shortens you etc. Although if that is what you want then by all means, but just so you know if having that notion hinders you in wearing them, THROW THIS THOUGHT OUT OF THE WINDOW.

Erzulliestas wear what they want because they look and feel good in it, according to their own judgment. It's all about the feel of the style rather than how many praises we can get from it.

Re-Boot Rule #3: It doesn't have to be cold all the time to wear them. 

"Boots are during the cold seasons only." Although this may hold true in a small level, it all depends on the comfort zone of the Erzulliesta. There are now various forms of boots so even in the tropical areas we can still enjoy the benefit of the stylish boot. There are see-through and light ones right now. No longer are the boots just hard, black leather than toasts your feet and legs up during the heat. Furthermore there are now booties that just reaches your ankle so think about it this way, Erzulliestas, you are just wearing a more covered shoe than your heel.

And so we hope that with these new rules you would reboot you thinking about wearing some fabulous boots. Remember, an Erzulliesta is a fierce plus size woman! She wears what she wants because she wants it and not because society just told her she can.