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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Erzulliestas love to shop and they do it with both sense and style. But then, there are times that we buy things that we never wear or even worse --- we do not even know what to do after. And so, here are 3 not-so-good shopping habits that you may be doing but you may not be aware of, and of course, how to ditch them!

#1 Buying it because it is on sale

Just because it is on sale, it does not mean that you should get it. Keep your style in your thoughts as you go through the sale rack. Make sure that you have clothes that can actually go with it or even better, you can think of at least 3 situations in your current life right now that you can wear this for.

#2 Always equating buying more with saving more

"BUY 2 for 500, BUY 1 for 300"

Tempting right? You may think that you are saving because you can just buy 2 pieces worth Php 250 each (rather than the regular Php 300). However, if your fashion budget is only Php 500 for a whole shopping trip, buying just one will give you Php 200 left for something else, buying 2 will leave you with a maxed out budget.

#3 Buying only for occasion 

We all had this moment --- being invited to an event with a theme and we just buy clothes solely for that occasion. After use, it will never see the light of day, which is obviously money wasted. So make sure that the things that you buy for this event can be paired with other items to be re-worn again. This way, you stretch it style and money wise.



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