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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The Holiday 2013 collection went to another direction. Unfortunately, the planned 8 pieces and the collection being the continuation of the latest one (Pre-Holiday 2013) is not going to happen anymore. We are yet to finalize everything but we can assure you that it’s all for the better.

Berna Cuevas, the head designer of this season, is very busy sewing away to get all of the collection done by October 19, 2013, Saturday for the collection’s first look. We hope that as soon as we have settled everything, you ladies will start signing up. It will be a little different this time and we hope that you girls will love it all as much.

Here are some photos straight from our design studio, which by the way, you, Erzulliestas, helped us build because of the business you give us (Thank you!):

‘Til the next update!



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