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Thursday, October 3, 2013


We all have those moments where we feel ugly ladies, but the important part is that we do not let it win. And how? Check out these 3 tips on how to feel beautiful instantly!

#1 Wear a sexy lingerie

Nothing says sexy than a little naughty secret, and as they say beauty all starts from the inside. So why not try on a sexy lingerie for a change? This will definitely make you feel more seductive and desirable in an instant.

#2 Get your hair done

Take time to go to a good hair stylist and have your hair simple washed, conditioned and blown. This is a simple way of instantly changing your look without going so drastic about it. This is a good way of reminding yourself on how good looking you are with just a little pampering.

#3 Take a very special bath

A very special bath will wash the stress and the ugly feeling away in an instant!

Get some candles, 1 aromatherapy oil burner, scents that you love (I love jasmine and rose) and place it in the bathroom for ambiance. Light them up safely 5 minutes before you enter. If you are using a tub, fill it up to the right temperature and sprinkle some flower petals on there! Just remember to get them out afterwards.

Then get your favorite bath stuff --- loofah, body scrub, deep conditioner, conditioner, shampoo, shower gel and lotion etc. Take your time and do everything that you want in that shower/tub, caring for yourself.

After this, you’ll feel like a goddess!



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