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Friday, October 11, 2013


So the production of the Holiday 2013 collection is still going on. Hopefully, before Erzullie’s First Look: Holiday 2013 collection event, it will all be done already.

What can we say about this production process so far?

This might me the most intimate collection that Berna has ever made. It is intimate in the sense that the story is deeper and has really connected with her life as she also struggled a bit while this was all happening.

First, our head seamstress passed away this year, who also happens to be Berna’s mentor. Erzullie had a hole that was very hard to fill, but we had to step up, our service of Erzulliestas will always trump whatever negative emotion or obstacle that we have right now.

Next, our design studio was finally set up and well, as much as the glamour that is being projected by many, it’s a huge responsibility. We are grateful of course. For a brand of 3 years of age, we are proud to say that we are growing steadily with your help ladies.

Finally, personally, I think that this is also a good conclusion for a great Erzulliesta year. The reason as to why the collection’s name is “Diamond” will be revealed during the event but to be honest, it is all about the strength of being a woman.

‘Til then ladies!



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