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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Right now, you live a charmed life.

Recently, I have read an article in the Huffington post about the Gen Y and why they are all frustrated about their lives (well not all, to my view). The Gen Y people are the people who are born in the late 1970’s until mid 1990’s. Apparently, my generation is frustrated because when we are young, we given “a sense of optimism and unbounded possibilities”, but reality kicks in and we didn’t get what we want.

But then again, this is not just an isolated case with my generation. I observe this to almost any age group. We all get frustrated when we don’t get what we want or expected.

We all have these specific standards of what we will look like, how much money we will make and what career path we need to be on at a specific time frame. And then, when we don’t reach that, we think that we are a failure, thus the “unhappiness”. It is at that point that we should stop and see how far we have gone and how bigger we have made it than we actually thought (or anyone else) we would be.

We may not have achieved or own what we thought we would, but our lives are still blessed nonetheless. Everything that you are enjoying now is coveted by someone else --- guaranteed. As such, you do live a special life. Your life is someone’s vision of success so be happy and content knowing that you are doing okay.

Happiness is not about achieving what is in your head, but knowing that you are blessed right now this minute. So love that thought. Live it. You do live a charmed life.

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