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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Chances are you may know someone who is in the same situation or maybe you are asking the same thing --- “Why am I still single?” After a reflection of my own mistakes back then, I guess, I can point out the three major ones that I have done.

#1 Drama Queen

Who wants to hang out with a person who has drama 24/7? None. Who wants to hang out with a person who overcame an adversity? Almost everyone! Why? Because last thing that a person needs is more negativity in addition to what s/he has right now.

If you are too negative, they won’t hang out with you. If they can’t hang out with you, how can they know you? If they don’t know you, how will they know if they like you? If they don’t know if they like you, how can they know they want to date you?

#2 Scaring them off to find out who is ‘man enough’

It’s not your fault if you are smart, beautiful and successful but being rude towards any man that would approach you is definitely one of the reasons why you are single.

Sure, eventually you may find a man who is ‘man enough’ to stay with you but don’t expect it to be instant. It will take a long time since they have to go through that passage and not all of them survives.

#3 You are one of the guys

Easy. Don’t be one of the guys or you will be one of the guys --- and it’s definitely hard to imagine an intimate relationship with one of your bros right?



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