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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


#ErzullieGlobalPinoy was our last public bazaar for 2013, and now Berna and I are looking towards the year 2014. We know that there is still a month left before this blessing-filled year ends, but you know us, we like thinking about the future --- it’s exciting!

First of all, because of you ladies, our business has grown exponentially. With that, we are eternally grateful and we are now in the process of fixing our production schedule.

We plan that by the first half of 2014, we are already done with the production of all of the 2014 collections. And by the last half of that same year, we are finished with the 2015 collections.

On 2015, we plan to be finished with the 2016 collections, finally correcting our “fashion time clock”. With this move, you may be able to get all the 2014 collections by July 2014, making our “First Look” events more fiercely fashion forward!

Next, we are also focused on leveling up the quality of our clothes. We heard your feedbacks (thank you!) and we are working on it. We are doing what we can to be more knowledgeable about material quality and getting the best production people (with rightful salaries) to make sure that each item will last you more than a season.

Finally, we have a semi-good news. 2014 will be started with the Resort collection, instead of Corporate. This means that the value of the last collection (price-wise) stays for another year and we have more time to give you a better Corporate collection.

Hopefully, we do everything right and the outside factors get synced to it. Thank you again for continuous growing support for the brand. We hope to make Erzullie bigger and better to serve you ladies better!



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