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Monday, November 11, 2013


It has been a very busy first week for Erzullie’s Anniversary Month! If you want a little context from last week, check out The Erzulliesta November 2013 (1)!

#1 We couldn’t resist and we went back to blogging by November 4, declaring our excitement for November, sharing the “I am the new plus size woman” mantra and the beautiful New Breed/Breath editorial 1 of 5 for #ErzullieTurns3. We even dedicated it to the new plus size women and sent out our annual Thank You note to all of the people that supported us this year and the next!

#2 We have reported that Erzulliesta Lornadahl Campilan of Extra Seksi and ½ of the Pinay Curvies got nominated for the #navabiCBA2013 awards. You ladies propelled her to #10 and even got her the #7 spot. Another Erzulliesta also threw her hat into the ring as well --- Abi Chang of Belated Bloomer is nominated too!

#3 We officially got back online on November 5 and we shared our thoughts on what we have learned during our vacation time.

#4 The Erzullie Holiday 2013 collection is also now available online. Speaking of which, this plus size blue lace skirt, convertible beige top and its stripe version are available online!

#5 It’s going to be a fierce November as there will be 2 shopping socials for the Erzulliestas this month #ErzullieInRockwell and #ErzullieGlobalPinoy. Check out these dates and check out the information for #ErzullieInRockwell! We even made a small countdown (6 and 5 days to go!)

#6 “The choice to see myself as a glamorous woman of size made me confident…” Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Kat Lopez shares her thoughts about glamour and she also got featured this week for her #ErzullieTurns3 editorial and talked with us about how the Filipina plus size models are changing the Philippine plus size fashion industry.

#7 #YolandaPH, the strongest storm ever recorded this year, tested the Filipino Spirit, only to feel humbled by our countrymen’s resilience and compassion. Check out the hashtags to use and also, there is an updated version of it. Google for that, ladies.

#8 Erzullie got featured in BBWGeneration. Thank you!

#9 Plus size style inspiration this week: “Stripe tease”. Erzulliesta Paulina of CurvyGirlLovesFashion also wore this style recently.

#10 Office parties are near! With that come the ones with themes. Check out 3 easy ways to dress for a themed party!

Erzullie is a fierce plus size fashion brand from the Philippines dedicated to creating limited designer styles for the empowered Erzulliesta. Shop online: