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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We will make mistakes. The important part is that we forgive ourselves after. Sounds easy as you read it, but it’s harder in real life.

This month is a whirlwind for me and Berna. It’s the brand’s Anniversary month and also the launching of the Holiday 2013 collection. While these are being celebrated, we are also promoting our 2 shopping socials this month as well as ironing out our production line up for 2014. On top of that, we need to attend to the current obligations of the brand, marketing and production wise, while making steps to further future projects.

It’s becoming crazy.

Tasks are piling up and to be honest, I feel that me and Berna could no longer keep up. But with a little grace and inspiration from you girls and the Universe (and coffee, lots and LOTS of coffee), we get by.  However, there are times that I could no longer function properly (for my side of the business) and I want to slap myself for doing so.

It sounds harsh, I know. However, whenever I would “give in” to the pressure of the work, I think that I am just being weak. I can’t be weak. I got a job to do. But then again, we are all humans and we have our limitations. And I guess, at that point, when you know you can’t push further than you thought you can, you should just respect that and let it be.

So remember, you have a body that gets tired and you do have a limitation. Everyone has, so don’t think that you are different. Forgive yourself for it and let it be. It’s another form of loving yourself and freeing yourself from being over critical on your hyper-inflated view of self.



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