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Sunday, November 10, 2013


The Holiday parties are approaching and with that come the ones with themes! We have been receiving a lot of inquiries lately as to who to dress for a particular era and so, we thought we can share some tips on how to dress for a party with a theme with ease.

#1 Dress like one of its style Icons 

Whatever era that was, there was always a person that defined it. To the 80’s it was Madonna. To the 90’s it was the Pop Stars. To the early 2000’s it was Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and so on.

Google their names and get the general basic look of their persona back then. It doesn’t have to be exact (come on, it’s a party!) but at least the main things that define them you should be able to show

#2 Use accessories and colors that defines the theme

Accessories and colors are the best form of time capsule if you ask us. They are the ones that defined what trended back at what day they were produced and loved. So research what accessories and hues where ‘in’ back in the day and use it on your outfit.

#3 Research key items that relates to the theme

This would be the easy part take 1-3 items that represented that theme and then dress around it. Hawaiian? Straw skirt, floral top and floral necklaces Beach? Bathing suits, wrap ups and sunnies! Superhero? Cape, leotards and boots!

Let your imagination fly as soon as you get 1-3 items of the theme down. It will help you dress appropriately for a theme. 

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