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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As the year 2014 opens, the opportunity of improving our fashion and style is yet upon us. Let’s cease this opportunity and embrace new positive fierce plus size fashion habits! (You may also want to read our 2013 resolutions --- still have some good wisdom there.)

#1 I will only buy the best.

If we think about it, a high quality, Php 1,500 garment (approx. $35) that we buy once a year and use it all year round (even more) in different styling is a better investment than buying 10 pcs. of poor quality Php 250.00 (total Php 2,500 approx. $58) because it is easily ripped or discolored.

#2 As much as possible, I will buy from the local plus size fashion scene.

2013 showed me a lot of new and exciting local plus size brands and the creativity is outstanding! This year, I aim to wear more local plus size fashion brands as much as possible. I think it will be good to rejuvenate my style.

#3 I will curate my closet better.

Curating your closet will help you define your style, make your personality more concrete, save you money from buying things you will never use and maximize all of your garments! If that is not fashion & style utopia, I don’t know what is!

Erzullie is a fierce plus size fashion brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving limited edition designer styles for the empowered Erzulliesta. Shop online: