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Thursday, December 19, 2013


I think self-dates are important for every woman. Single or not, it’s a time to actually just focus on yourself and what you want. Self dates will actually make you feel powerful and independent knowing that you can be on your own and still find pleasure from it.

Here are 3 ideas that you may want to do on your next self-date!

#1 Visit a new restaurant 

Treat it like an adventure. Get away from the usual restaurants that you have visited and try on a new one! There is a plethora of amazing choices out there in the Metro in almost all price points possible. There is bound to be one that has your self-date venue all over it.

#2 Movie night

Surely there is one movie that you have always wanted to watch but never got to. Whether it is a download, DVD or on the movie theaters, why not watch it on your own and enjoy it all by yourself? Dish out snacks, a comfortable chair and some blankets to make you feel more pampered.

#3 Home Spa

Spa time is me-time as I always say! Taking time to relax and take care of your body is another wonderful way to date yourself.

You can even do it at home. Take a longer bath and treat yourself to your favorite body scrubs, hair treatments and even dish out the expensive bath soap! Decorate your bathroom with small candles and some aromatherapy scents that you love. You can even go all out and put some fresh flowers in there.

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