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Thursday, December 12, 2013


After doing something for years, you may have developed a stale routine, making it feel tiresome and a burden. What’s the solution? Reignite your love for it! Try these 3 tips!

#1 Take a leave. 

Treat your work like a relationship. Sometimes, if you are always together, the “mystery” is gone and as such, everything seems to be so “normal and routine”. Make yourself miss your job and come back at work, wanting it more.

It doesn’t even have to be a long one. In fact, you can even just honor your weekends. Leave work on the days where it should be and when you are out, concentrate on the other parts of your life instead.

This will make your mind will relax and be more receptive of the work days ahead.

#2 Find the blessing that your work has done for other people

Nothing makes a person work more passionately than knowing that his/her efforts are actually helping others! Reflect on how your work benefits others and feel how your expertise has actually made everything better for everyone. Including yourself!

#3 Learn something new that is related to your job.

Read a book. Take a course. Network with other people who are on the same job position or department as you.

New knowledge means new ways of looking at things. New ways of looking at things means a new reason to be passionate about what you do! And of course, if you feel passionate about what you do, you will love what you do. So go out there and gain new knowledge for your current job. This will benefit you both in your career and self!



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