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Friday, December 13, 2013


If you think strangers pointing out your flaws daily was hell on its own, imagine if it came from the ones who are closest to you --- your family. This is the story of Erzulliesta Gwyneth (not her real name) on how she survived being bullied by her family because of her weight. (Story is edited for brevity.)


Ever since I was a child, most of my family and their friends would always tell me to lose weight because according to them, I will grow old alone. They told me that no one will ever find me attractive because being fat is unacceptable to society and is embarrassing. They made it seem that only thin people are immune to sickness and death.

They have made fun of me both privately and publicly. Even if they made it a joke, it hurts because they are supposed to be protecting me and be the first people who will accept me for who and what I am. They are supposed to be telling me to love myself.

But I never lost weight even with all their bullying. I have found strength in me to prove to them that they are wrong. I loved myself more. I became my own best friend.

I started to believe that beauty is found in all sizes. I accepted my flaws and loved them. I smiled more and started to dress well. Every day I would tell myself positive things. Before I go out, I look at the mirror and whisper to myself, “You are beautiful inside and out”.

I also prayed to God that my family and their friends would realize that having a supermodel body does not make anyone immortal. I also hope that they realize that finding love is not about being thin or fat. Love is about accepting the person for who he or she is unconditionally. I believe that somewhere out there, there is that one person who will find me beautiful and amazing and for me, that’s real love.

I hope this inspires other Erzulliestas on how to survive their own family of bullies. Find strength in yourself, even when they cannot find it in you.

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