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Monday, December 30, 2013


Just some things that happened this 2013 year that gloriously shaped Erzullie to its upwards direction.

#1 Erzullie’s Secret Sale (Up to 70% off!) last January. It was the first and only time that we went that far in discount. New Erzullie Icons were crowned --- Audrey Lee and Kat Lopez.

#2 February was the month where Erzulliesta Timmy Mariano went on board as an intern and revolutionized the content of the blogs. The first post for plus size opinion was done too: “Are you brave enough?”

#3 The first issue of The Erzulliesta was launched in March 2013, as well as the first ever Corporate 2013 collection.

#4 April was the birth month of the first Erzulliesta mantra --- “I am confident with my curves.”

#5 By May, we started making style inspirations called, “Wednesday Wear”. First theme was: “Graphic Flow”. Our first solo Pop Shop also happened this month.

#6 Probably the most memorable event in June was the “Fierce+Flaunt” event, where we partnered with plus size brand Chubbly. The union of all the fashionable plus size Filipinas was positively exhilarating!

#7 July marked the change in Erzullie as we have launched our first ever demi-couture plus size collection via the Pre-Holiday season. Erzulliestas loved it so much it got sold out even before the year was out!

#8 August was the month was started posting “Saturday Styles”, wherein we feature Erzulliestas wearing Erzullie. We also joined instagram (@erzullie_plussize) that month.

#9 We launched the column “Thursday tips” on September and the first post was “3 not-so-good shopping habits”. Since it was also a globally declared, fashion month, we celebrated it with “The Fashion Feast event”. It was also the month wherein we shared the first ever Erzulliesta’s story about “surviving fashion debt/death”.

#10 Last October, we had our first try opening a pop shop in Alabang. You Erzulliestas, of course, made it successful! We also privately launched our Holiday 2013 collection.

#11 November --- Anniversary month! What can we say? New Breed/Breath and the Holiday 2013 collection reigns supreme!

#12 December was rocking as international plus size blogger, Garner Style, shared a photo of Erzullie’s interview of Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Audrey Lee, on her facebook page. We also gave you girls a sneak peek about the 2014 collections.

These are just some of the memories and experiences that made Erzullie and our lives as designers better. Thank you, Erzulliestas for the constant business!



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