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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yesterday, we just had a trip at the cloth market for the 2014 collections. As I have mentioned before, I was not entirely sure of the design route that I am going for this Resort 2014. It was either, I take an Erzulliesta to another exotic vacation trip story or honoring the new design aesthetic that I want to experiment in. Little did I know that during clothes shopping, I was able to merge both paths. Way to do a “Kat Lopez”! (Check out her interview: “The Passion Road”. It’s about merging two passions into one.)

During the trip, I kept in mind what you ladies are requesting as well --- more color. Yeah, as the Erzullie designs dwindled, it seems like majority of the colors that we have in the collection now are black, brown and blue. So, as I went through the market, my main guideline was the banning of these colors: black, blue, brown, pink and purple as we have used them dominantly throughout the Erzullie collections for years now.

I wanted to experiment more on other colors of yellow, green, white etc. I think in the majority of it, I stuck with it. There is a little bit of black and blue in there but it’s a different shade. No more navy! Yey!

I am also very happy with the selection of the cloth and the quality of it. We really went through everything and we think that you ladies will love the fact that the cloths are stronger than its predecessors.

So far, that is it. Wish us luck as we start production!



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