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Friday, December 6, 2013


We always think of being angry as a bad thing, but little do we know that being angry can actually be empowering. But of course it depends on your choice --- will you use this emotion negatively or positively?

The negative kind is the one wherein you use anger to get back at that person (a.k.a. revenge) and forever forge him/her into your life story (even giving this person the award for the person that affected you the most --- yuck! Isn’t it?) Revenge, mind you, will eat tremendous amounts of your precious time, energy and effort. And personally, if this person already took and wasted some of those from your life, why give the person the luxury of having a second helping of it?

Stop making his/her character stay longer in your life through plotting, implementing and relishing in your revenge. You could be just moving on to better things, embracing better experiences and letting new amazing people in, which lead us to the positive kind of angry.

This kind is the one where you acknowledge that what this person did to you is wrong and because you are angry about it, you just cut him/her from your life, giving yourself freedom from the person, the situation and even the aftermath of it. In this sense, you have used anger to propel yourself to a new beginning. You have finally declared that he or she no longer has power over you and your life. This will immediately set you free and give you more room for a better situation.

So feel free to use anger to make yourself and your life better, which is if you ask me, the better kind of revenge.

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