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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Christmas is coming and as we go about scavenging for last minute shopping of gifts for the people that we care about (and those who we just feel obligated to), let’s take a moment to remember the real important stuff in our lives.

This may vary from one person to another, as values are never universal, but for me the real important stuff is the life that we have right now. We are too busy trying to make a life, when life is what we are constantly making. Every move, breath and connection is the life that we are unconsciously having, yet relentlessly chasing.

If you have time, remember how lucky you are that you have a functioning body (fully healthy or recovering). Some people would like to have a chance to be able to breathe without a machine or eat without counting the sodium in it.

If you have time, call up your family. All families have their ups and downs and it has taken a lot of forms. It can be your biological, emotional or spiritual ones. Whatever it is, these are the people that influenced you and changed your life one way or another. Take time to call them up and re-connect authentically.

If you have time, be thankful for your capabilities to have a job (whether in transition or you already have one). A lot of people may not have your opportunities and would like to have it. So you are one of the lucky batch to have this. Feel grateful and exercise this gift before you miss it.

These are just some of the important stuff for me, how about you?



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