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Monday, December 30, 2013


We change and grow --- it’s the natural state of our lives. As such, leave the things that no longer suits you here in 2013, and make more room for the opportunities that 2014 is about to bring!

And when we say suit, it may mean things that no longer fit --- not just fashion or style wise --- but also people, thoughts and situations that has been negatively haunting you in your present. Leave them at 2013 because you are about to rack up better memories and experiences this year! (Nevermind what people might say, the important part is what you think!)

Alternatively, you may also choose to let go of things that you no longer want to be with, even if you think that it's still useful to you. If you are scared to let go of relationships, detrimental situations or just plain ill-fitting jeans, thinking that you may  have nothing left in the future, think again! You live in a massive universe overflowing with blessings that are meant for anyone who asks for it. Choose to let it go and let life flow back in. The past is the past and today is your weapon to shape your future!



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