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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hello my fellow sisters in fierce fashion a.k.a. Erzulliestas! (Whew that was long)

Before we dip our toes to the beautiful beach somewhere here in our fabulous country, we would like to report a few updates about your favorite fierce plus size fashion line.

Last night, we were able to visit our production site once again and we are very happy to report that the Corporate 2013 collection is shaping up pretty well and very fast. Furthermore, it seems like our Daywear 2013 and Resort 2013 collections are gaining steam as well.

We know that a lot of you girls are asking when will we be producing bathing suits again. We are currently developing our skills and designs with regards to that. So far, we are getting better at it and if things do go well, we might be able to release one (1) with the Resort 2013 collection.

(Erzulliesta: WAIT... WHAT? Just one?)

Yes our dear sisters, only one (1). We must say that we really respect the craft of creating and designing bathing suits. It's really hard work and there is a need for us to study the dynamics of it's creation. So far, fabulous baby steps will do. We only want to give you the best and so far, this one (1) bathing suit will definitely do for now. That is --- if it does work.

Another great thing to report is that we have finally chosen our ERZULLIE ICONS for 2013. We will be unveiling them soon per collection so watch out for the new faces of the brand. For the models who are asking us when is our next search. Details will be release on June 2013 of this year.

Finally, of course, the ERZULLIE SECRET SALE. Erzulliestas are confirming and we are very happy for the response. Ask for your pre-vite on or before February 10, 2013 Erzulliestas and remember to confirm your attendance on or before the said date to get the full details.

That is all for now.