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Saturday, March 9, 2013


As I blog this, it's almost midnight. My thoughts on the Corporate 2013 and Resort 2013 collection is as so --- I am nervous. I am a little nervous because this is the first time that we are shooting 2 entire collections (different in theme if I may add) in one day. It's going to be an interesting feat for the brand and I am deeply wishing that we can pull this off with our wits in tact.

We are handling 4 models (2 veterans and 2 new) with 2 different sets of make up and hair style. We have maximum of 7 hours to do the shoot and we have at least 12 clothes to shoot. The fitting actually gave us some challenges as the perceived model for a specific collection looks better on a different one and so on. Dropping and adding of styles is also done. Finishing touches on the Resort 2013 collection. Coordination for all of the team to arrive on time. So many last minute changes. Gah ... what more can happen?

Although photo shoots are generally fun, I will be very honest, it's real hard work. You have to direct people, but not become an irrational tyrant. You have to style and be creative but not to the point that it's detached to the reality of this world. We want to do a plus size campaign for the collections that will really raise up the ante of our brand without losing our identity. We want to do something that will really thrill our Erzulliestas but stay true with our voice as designers.

A thousand thoughts and hundred number of different efforts are done during a shoot. It's not a walk in the park. It takes a whole team to create such an amazing photo.

And so, here are my prayers to the fashion gods/goddesses/beings etc. --- please let us do this right so that we can delight the Erzulliestas. We want to do something that have not been done before. Please, oh please... let this photo shoot run as smooth as possible.

By the power of well wishing Erzulliestas, I believe. (Hehehe.)

With a lot of love for fierce plus size fashion,