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Monday, April 22, 2013


Like every collection that I have made for Resort season, I always envision an Erzulliesta who has saved up her hard earned money for a lavish getaway that she deserves. This year, my Erzulliesta is going to a glamorous vacation in the Saharan desert, treated like a queen that she is. As such, the theme for this year was "Saharan Glamour".

So this was my story board:

Moving on as production period came close, it was time for fabric hunting. I got everything that we needed for the collection but it was just sudden that we have also decided to include DAYWEAR to our roster of collection. I remembered sketching this last year as well. The Erzullie line is designed for the lifestyle of the Erzulliesta and we know that our ladies also go around doing simple errands when she is not at work or out socializing. Daywear was intended for casual chic part of the Erzulliesta lifestyle. My inspiration was so:

Unfortunately, after the initial samples, I was thinking that the collection was all too simple. (Honestly, it looked better in the sketches but in real life it seems like this is not 'fierce' enough for my Erzulliestas.) So I just took the elements of the Daywear that I knew I liked and combined it with the Resort 2013 collection. Daywear was all about comfort and color and I remembered last year that the Erzulliestas wished that there were more colors in the collection. Brighter ones!

From that, forming the final line up of the collection was easier. We just had to eliminate few more designs because they were just too simple and also, not shape enhancing for the curvies. Again, ladies, some designs are just better on paper.

After that, well the Resort 2013 was born and the photo shoot happened. I have chosen Kat Lopez and Loren Monares for this project simply because I think the dresses would fall amazingly on their body. I also love Loren's luscious skin color so, I know it will be a perfect combination with the clothes. As of Kat, I actually love her body shape and I think that it will go well with the styles of this collection as well. Also, with her innate bright personality, it will merge beautifully with the collection's palette!

Truth be told, I had the theme of Saharan Glamour for this collection but the look of the photo shoot, I do not have any idea. I had the make up and hair, even a general light theme but I'm not sure about the lighting part of it, and in a photoshoot... LIGHTING is everything.

The colors were bright and grounded so because I was not sure at that time, I have just requested a white background to make everything pop better. I was thinking that I will just figure this out later. (What a plan right?)

The campaign, I will be honest, had so many do-overs. Even until the Resort 2013 presentation, I was not that satisfied. Until today. We will still release those photos but this is one of the official campaign photo (The one above). I think that the color, the clothes and the emotion of the models in this photo pretty much sums up the whole collection --- subtle sexy vibe glamour! (What a mouthful! Lol) I would like to thank fellow Erzulliesta, Azaza Rodriguez, for helping me figure this one out. You are an angel!

And that's it! The journey of creating the Resort 2013. We hope you girls love it as much as we do.




We are very happy to present, Erzullie Icon and Plus Size model, Kat Lopez in all of our social sites.

Love those sexy curves!




Because it is true... everyone is beautiful no matter what size.