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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


For the woman who has it all --- love, life, family, career, success, a great sense of self and prosperity, it can all get too complicated. Sometimes in the whirlwind of all the responsibilities connected to those aspects of our lives, we get burned out. At times, we even get lost and then we start to question of whether or not this is still worth all of the effort that we are doing. 

But then there is Kat Lopez, the epitome of the modern plus size woman, a multi-tasker that performs everything with such grace and calm you would be wondering --- how can she do it all? Between being a singer/songwriter down to rushing to her obligations as a speech therapist then back to being an Erzullie Icon and plus size model, not to mention her other social responsibilities as a loving daughter and friend --- how can an Erzulliesta survive all of this with her mind and self in tact?

We got down and had a short chat with this superwoman and asked her on some tips on "how to deal" with everything. 

1. For you, what does “Glamour” mean and how do you apply it to your daily life as a singer/songwriter/speech therapist and now a plus size model? Surely you get burned out at times doing all of these things simultaneously. How do you cope?

Glamour is a choice. It is a thing women naturally possess that, when used, gives her beauty and power. For me, once I choose to be glamorous, it changes my outlook, and inevitably the way I look. Choosing to hold my head up high and sitting pretty while wearing shorts and flip flops, for example, amps up the outfit. Glamour is a woman's natural gift, choose to use it, do not resist it, and it will change you.

As of my different roles in life, being a singer/songwriter/speech therapist and now a plus size model --- these are things that I love and it felt so natural - inevitable even - to pursue them. I’m a heart-driven person and follow where it leads me. The choice to see myself as a glamourous woman of size made me confident enough to pursue modeling in particular. The act of modeling itself further validated that.

2. Where do you get the confidence of doing all of these obligations simultaneously? Do you have any role models that you look upon for inspiration to keep on doing what you do?

I get the confidence to do all these things that I love from experience, over time. My role models vary, but to be specific, I idolize my mom and all of the the women of my family. For modeling, I see top plus models like Tara Lynn and Clementine Desseaux as my role models. They are all very powerful and inspiring women.

3. How did this sense of confidence help you tackle your latest endeavour --- being a plus size model for Erzullie? Can we ask how was your first time modeling for the brand from the go-see to the actual shoot? 

I'm used to performing for years. The fact that I had to do it for eyes this time was an exciting prospect.

The go see was fun. It was the first time to actually go to a plus size model go see and I was asked to make rampa and got a kick out of that.

I was quite nervous at first during the shoots. (I) had to stretch, wiggle and scream to get relaxed. I have been practicing beforehand though so it helped, somehow. So did the fact that I was working with easygoing and absolutely wonderful people. After I while I became more confident and started flirting with the camera. I loved that I was being made up and dressed up. Being a geek, I also loved the technicalities of it. I enjoyed experimenting with poses and angles and seeing the effect on film. I also play certain songs in my head while doing shoots to get me into the right mood. Katy Perry and Rihanna songs usually do the trick.

The entire line spells flirty, fierce comfort. I can imagine myself wearing my fave dress in the collection while walking barefoot on the beach with the one I love, with the skirt blowing in the wind. hehe.

The experience in general was nerve wracking at times yet part of me was strangely calm because I knew I was doing something I'm passionate about.


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