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Sunday, August 25, 2013


We are excited to serve Erzulliestas at Erzullie's THE FASHION FEAST SALE (#THEFASHIONFEAST), happening on September 21, 2013 (6-9pm) at DOME, Eastwood City, Quezon city! Giving you girls, everything PHP 300.00 sale to celebrate with our upcoming 3rd year anniversary gives us the fierce excitement all the time!

And of course, we now present the next item the Style MenuMain Course #9 Black-Silver Lace Detail Dress!

If you are looking for something formal to wear this holiday, something classic yet relevant, then this dress is going to be your new best friend! Regularly priced at PHP 950.00 pesos, for The Fashion Feast sale event, we are just going to give it at PHP 300.00! So think of that stylish steal and register now, Erzulliestas! We'll see you there!





A lot has happened here in Erzullie this week and we are very excited to share it to you ladies! From Monday Mantras down to Saturday Style, we got it all!

Anyway, before we move on and recap the whole week, here is The Erzulliesta August 2013 (3) for a little background for last week. Just in case, you want more details on each matter. And now, here is the week's recap!

#1 Earlier this week, Erzulliestas in the Philippines were undergoing some interesting weather. As such, we opened with a little love note. "Stay Safe And Warm, Erzulliestas." We are very happy that everyone got through it better than the last time.

#2 In the spirit of the Pre-Holiday 2013 collection, we asked Erzullie Icon Kat Lopez, what are her thoughts about being 'seductive'. You know what she said? "I was made to be desired." And rightfully so! Who can get enough of this beautiful and smexy, Erzulliesta?

#3 A few more weeks to go before Erzullie's THE FASHION FEAST sale event! (#THEFASHIONFEAST) where all styles present are just Php 300.00! It's happening on September 21, 2013, Saturday (6-9pm) at DOME, Eastwood City, Quezon City.

We are very excited and we would like to thank all of the Erzulliestas that already registered. You girls are going to be in for a stylish treat! As of the partial fashion menu presented this week, here are the latest items!

#4 One of the most read articles we did this week is "Finding The Filipino Fashion Identity". We know that there is an ongoing notion that as a country, the Philippines do not have a fashion identity. However, we just find it more about the subtle theme of 'luxury' than an actual form of look. What do you think?

#5 For Wednesday Wear, the Erzulliestas are loving this "Stripe, Stripe, Hooray!" A plus size fashion set where lines and curves meet. And they say that these two style elements are like parallel lines --- (you know, they will never meet?)

#6 For Thursday Tip, we talked about boots! As plus size women or even women in general, it seems like there are specific rules on who can and cannot wear them. Well, we are Erzulliestas, so we break them because we can. Check out the re-booted rules of boots wearing!

#7 So far, plus size model applications for Erzullie's search for The Next Erzullie Icon 2013 (#TNEI2013) have reached 954 (and counting), as such we felt that people need to know what an Erzullie Icon really is. Spoiler: It's more than just being a model. 

#8 We know that you girls love the Pre-Holiday 2013 campaign "Seductive". Although we have released the 'whole set' already, we decided to extend it even more for our fierce friday. Here is another plus size photo for your fashion feed.

#9 Everyone is also loving this Erzulliesta Style photo of plus size blogger, Mitch Cagadas (Feastfulife and Pinaycurvies), wearing Erzullie couture skirt! If you want to see something amazingly sophisticated, then you better check this photo out.