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Friday, January 10, 2014


Monica Reyes, a 21 year old student entrepreneur / blogger of Prodigy Of The Odds, started attending plus size events, buying Erzullie (from the brown maxi pants down to the cropped top) and became the brand’s personal shopper.

She tried out for The Next Erzullie Icon (TNEI) 2012 search but was not chosen. Now she is back for a 2nd try, would the odds be in her favor this time? Check out her thoughts as a TNEI applicant, an Erzulliesta and her possible future of being an Erzullie Icon.

#1 How is your journey of TNEI 2013, so far? 

Before this, I’ve been judged physically and my capability as a person. I needed a support group and found Erzullie --- they have created a family, which plus size women really need.

I applied for TNEI 2013 because as a plus size advocate, I wanted to show that everyone is beautiful, equal and deserves to be happy. During the go-see, I was able to see women sharing the same sentiments.

When I got accepted --- I was speechless on my bed and thought: can I do it right this time? I didn’t excel last year, but I am thankful for the opportunity and I won’t allow this to go to waste.

#2 What’s your view on being an Erzulliesta

For me, an Erzulliesta is a plus size woman who is able to stand up and love herself for who they are, while respecting everyone. I believe that many Erzulliestas can relate to that because many of us have been judged harshly before. But by standing up and respecting others, we remember the fact that we are all beautiful and everyone deserves to be respected.

I believe that I am an Erzulliesta; not only because I buy Erzullie, but also because I believe in that idea of a person. For me, we won’t gain the respect that we deserve, if we do not respect ourselves and others.

#3 What is your thought about being an Erzullie Icon?

Being an Erzullie Icon would be to represent plus size women and make them feel that they are beautiful, could do the same things normal sized women can, be happy and excel in anything they want.

Should I be an Erzullie Icon, I would inspire other Erzulliestas to live a healthier lifestyle in general and my message is: “I’m Monica Reyes, a prodigy of the odds. I’m fat but I’m happy, thanks to my friends, family and Erzullie.”

If I’m not chosen as an Erzullie Icon, I would still continue being an advocate of plus size women. Other than me, Timmy deserve to be an Erzullie Icon because she is a beautiful woman --- inside and out --- and we have the same sentiments and purpose of inspiring other women.

Erzullie is a fierce plus size fashion brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving limited edition designer styles for the empowered Erzulliesta. Shop online: