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Monday, January 20, 2014


Another fierce week just happened. Catch up with the news below! For the past issue: The Erzulliesta January 2014 (2)

#1 We begin with the mantra: “I am ready to start my life again.”

#2 It’s all about Erzulliesta Timmy this week. We have featured her interview as a finalist of The Next Erzullie Icon 2013 --- “The Emancipation Of Timmy Mariano”, her “casual class” style for Erzulliesta style weekend and of course, two amazing photo sets --- “simple” and “cross the line”.

#3 Erzullie also met up with the fabulous ladies of Pinay Curvies. Wonder what’s curvin’?

#4 We are now 3000+ plus fiercer in facebook, Erzulliestas! Thank you! Join your other fierce plus size fashion sisters there today!

#5 Erzulliesta Apple shares with us her passion for cooking --- with this delicious wan-soy chicken recipe!

#6 “The Challenge” of a dream is not having it but living it. Afterwards, you will feel “the gratitude” for everything that has happened. Correct?

#7 We got curious and asked what would Erzulliestas say: “To feel good, after a bad day, I would ____” and with that, added “The Optimist’s creed”

#8 Get to know your true style and reflect it throughout the year. We share 3 ways.

#9 Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Kat Catapia, shares her thoughts on plus size women being seductive.

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