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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Whenever I feel that I want to start fresh --- I tend to shed off the current clothes that I have right now and put on a new one. I know that it’s a weird practice, but for me, I think it helps my mindset.

It’s like a symbolism of shedding the old energies that I no longer want and placing it on a box (dirty laundry basket) that will be recycled (washed, dried and ironed) and made new again. In the meantime, I need to choose, reboot myself to feel good. So I go to my closet, look at the plethora of choices and in my mind, I’m thinking --- how do I want to feel today?

Vibrant colors for a dose of happiness and positivity. Dark colors for some grounding. Heavy fabrics for some security. Light ones for some fun and flirt. Constructive for a powerful woman effect, while loose for a relax-and-breathe theme.

It just occurred to me how fashion has become symbols of my feelings and tools as to direct my mindset. As trivial as that may sound, it does happen every day, even to those who are not-fashion conscious. We all choose what wear from what we feel that we value inside. Even for those who dress for function, that’s the point, you feel that function is a great value that is why you dress that way.

So can fashion change someone’s day? Absolutely. To change clothes is more than just changing fabrics that is on your skin, it is also a conscious choice of choosing what your really value inside and bringing it out for the world to see. From that, your choices and view of life will change and of course, how you feel about the rest of your day. And if you can change how you feel about something into something you value, then you just made one more step of making it better.

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