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Thursday, January 23, 2014


No doubt we know you ladies love fashion and clothes. Even better, overtime, as you mold your style, you have developed favorites among all of the things that you have. So how do we make these favorites of ours last? Check out these 3 easy tips!

#1 Use fabric conditioners that protect the fabric

To be honest, fabric conditioner works two ways (at least). First is that it makes your clothes soft to the touch. The other is that it should protect your fabric --- “condition it” if you will. So if you happen to pass by a fabric conditioner that does the trick. Buy it and use as directed.

#2 Read the instructions tag that comes with it

Sometimes items have tags that tell you how to take care of your clothes. They are there for a reason and follow it. For those that doesn’t have it, research the material that it consists of and search the internet on how to take care of it.

#3 If you can skip the ironing, skip it. Same goes with bleach too!

If the fabric conditioner did its' work well, at times, you no longer have to iron it. Not only will this save you money from energy bills but also, the fabric of your clothing will also be spared the extra heat that may “cook the fibers” causing unnecessary damage to it.

Same rule goes with bleach. But if you really have to, then please read the instructions carefully or use sparingly.

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