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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I read a tweet recently, it said, “@___ notice me! please make me a model, if not, I’m going to kill myself.” To be honest, it’s not my first time to see these kinds of comments, but it got me to thinking about dreams and desperation.

Dreams are what motivates us to wake up every day (at least for me). It’s fascinating for me that at any time our lives could end, but why not today? There must be a reason right? And for now, before we go deep, at least we have dreams to keep us occupied until we reach our end.

But what if it’s not working? What if we have tried everything and still we haven’t achieved it? Does it mean we picked the wrong one or we simply just have to try harder? And how hard is harder? What if we have given it all that we got and yet we are still left with nothing?

It’s a sad thought. I know. But I am pretty sure that everyone has already experienced this at one moment of their lives --- that is the part where desperation occurs. We start to bargain our own dignity or value just to get what we want and that’s just plain dangerous.

Think about it --- your whole being just for one moment in your life that may or may not work out for you after all, but that is what dreams are for I guess. It’s the one moment in your whole life that you felt that you were born for something and not some random events that occurred in the universe --- because we all want to feel like we are born for something.

So in the end, I am not sure. Are dreams, really worth the desperation?

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