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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


There is a great fashion size label debate going on out there. Some women are having problems with regular size women claiming they are plus and vice versa. Then there is a third faction who says, “just chuck the label and wear it”. It all gets confusing but for me, when it comes to fashion and style, I am with the third faction.

I mean, what’s wrong with being called plus size or calling yourself as one? If some women feel that they are more connected to the plight of plus size women or fashion, then who are we to stop them? Same goes to the women who call themselves regular size.

I actually learned this the hard way. In a bazaar, when a regular size woman would approach our booth. I would immediately notify them that we are a plus size store, gently “shooing them away”.

Now mind you, the reason that I was doing this is because before, a regular size customer came in, fell in love, grabbed everything and then when she found out it was a plus size fashion line she threw the clothes at me and left the store angry --- because she is not plus size and she felt that she was ‘led on’.

Since then, I make it a point that I notify the regular size customers about it. But then, one day, a regular size woman told me that she was offended with what I have said. “Your fashion line is meant to liberate women of different sizes. Why are you not allowing me inside your store?”

I went to defensive mode at first. In my mind, I was like, so if a fat girl enters a regular size store and gets turned away because nothing would fit her --- it’s not discrimination but when a small girl goes to a big girl shop and we tell them nothing fits --- it is?

But in the end, she is right. Erzullie was made to make any fierce plus size woman feel great about herself. And if this woman is celebrating her inner plus size woman (which we all have), then who am I to stop her?

From then on, if a regular size girl comes in, I just treat her just like any other Erzulliesta. Believe it or not, Erzulliestas have now come in different shapes and size indeed. So what’s in a name? Nothing. The affinity to it differs from one person to another, so respecting that person’s notion would be the better approach or else, this debate is never going to end.



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