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Friday, March 7, 2014


Lawrence and I enjoyed our very first date together. He picked me up after work; we had dinner at a Persian restaurant and had coffee afterwards partnered with a very good and intellectually stimulating conversation – just as how I want my dates to be. After the date, he drove me home and waited for me to get in our house before he drove away. A smile was etched on my face but... wait... Should I text him immediately or should I wait for him or WHAT?!

To hell what he will think. I had a great time and I wouldn’t mind letting him know about it. And so I texted him: “Hey, I had a great time. Ingat on the way home.” And he replied, “Same here. Enjoyed the night. Sa uulitin.” This means he wants a second date, right?

We were constantly sending text messages to each other until I realized that we haven’t set when our next date would be. And so the dilemma --- Should I invite him out?

I sent another text, “Hey, are you free later?” I had an event out of town that day and will be back in Manila in the evening and when he said he was free, he picked up to my office that evening where our service car dropped me. We had another amazing coffee night.

So should you ask him out or should you wait? If you think he is into you and he would want to see you again and you feel the same, why wait for him to ask you out? You can just casually ask him if he is free on this date or if he wants to hang out for coffee.

Lawrence and I still go out up to this date but we haven’t pushed through for a relationship yet because we are both busy and well, we haven’t talked about it yet. But sending that first message and asking him out after our first date has definitely moved things forward for us.


Beau Soleil is a 20 something Erzulliesta currently active in the Metro Manila dating scene. She is a writer by profession and passionate about fashion and beauty. All names are changed for the privacy of those concerned. 


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