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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We may be the captain of our ships, but could it be that it’s on a sea of fate? What can the captain do?

I woke up today with this bad notion in my head. According to my Feng Shui 2014 book, this month is not good for me in all aspects. I am actually scared because this month actually started great for me. And then, this happens.

Usually, my instincts are right. I don’t care if there is no scientific basis. This is what works for me and well my instincts are 97% of the time correct. And right now, my instincts are telling me that I should look at the good things in life.

I may not have control over what happens externally, but the way that I process it is all up to me. As I have mentioned in the question at the start --- we are the captain of our own ships, but just like any ship, we do not have control over what the sea would bring us.

And right now, I have to get it in my head that a silly book that I bought in Greenhills may present to me what can commonly happen around ‘my sea’, but how I deal with it is all up to me. Am I going to tell my ship to retreat or fortify it to be stronger?

I choose to be stronger. I believe in good luck and it comes from me. I make my own good fortune. We may all have a specific fate or destiny before us, but how rocky or smooth that ride is --- is the decision of the captain itself.


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