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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Everybody in life goes through some change. May it be in love, style or career, change always brings both good and bad feelings for everyone. So how can we make it more pleasurable for us to ride in? Here are 3 ways:

#1 Keep a journal

With a lot of social media platforms, you’d think keeping a journal would be irrelevant. However, a journal gives you more freedom and reign in what you write and feel without being judged. Admit it. The things that we post in social media are most of the time edited. Also admit that those who don’t know how to edit and keep on posting are just annoying.

So don’t be that annoying person and handle change with grace. Keep a journal and start expressing yourself there --- good or bad.

#2 Find an amazing support group

Currently we call ourselves, “Sanity Checkers”. Me, Berna, Ish and Cams meet every now and then to catch up with each other and share our life stories. We give each other insights and enjoy great food while we are together.

This keeps us “sane” with all the insanity going on in our lives. A support group will give you individual insights that will make you think on how to lift you up, while you do the same for others.

#3 Just “ride the wave”

Change can bring chaos into your life --- a sense of dishevelment. And although society has trained us to keep things in order all of the time, these are the moments when you just have to let go and ride the wave of it all. It may not be to your liking right now, but it will settle sooner or later. Just ride the wave and you will be drifted to the shore.


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