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Friday, December 12, 2014


Style evolves as our life does but is it true that style turns sloppy (or even secondary) once you become married? Erzulliesta Carol Perla-Cervantes reports back, as she embraces the married life and a whole new outlook about herself and her wardrobe.

#1 Let’s jump to it. How did you meet your husband and how is family life so far?

I met my husband at work. I thought he was a kleptomaniac at first --he was starting too much on my iPhone. I pocketed it, but we both knew the awkward silence meant that I was accusing him of being a thief (haha).

I used to just let life happen -- I was easy-go-lucky and very laid back. I make time to do other things or constantly find new things to do. I didn't sleep a lot, I partied way too much!

Nowadays I'm trying to stretch my time for the kids. Also, I always have to consider my partner's take on most of my decisions --be it a small or a big one. And when you're single and you go missing for 12 hours it doesn't generate a manhunt.

#2 With that in mind, did it affect your personal style as an Erzulliesta?

Before I was married, I was always obsessed with the gypsy/bohemian styles. I wore bandanas, hoop earrings, the works. But really I wore just about anything. Although my style varies almost every day I believe my style is mostly "loud and proud" to be plus size. I love bold prints and colors. Probably the reason I never wear gray! Ha ha ha!

Now that I am married, more or less I've toned down a bit. I don't wear super plunge necklines a lot anymore since bending over would be too much work in keeping my ta-tas exposure-free haha! I don't wear bandanas and rose cabbage accents on my neck and I still love colors. I wear gray now -- just gray pants. I feel like my style is kind of Kate Winslet's. She always goes for the bold colors you know? She rarely wears gray on the red carpet!

#3 There is now a cultural obsession for the “hot mama” status. Thoughts?

Do not succumb to the “instant hot mama” pressure. Since I gave birth I've been at least 30 pounds heavier, and it doesn't mean I just let myself go. I exercise and eat healthier --more than I did 10 years ago. It took time to develop your baby. Your body needs to rest up a bit too after birth.

Relax. Being "hot" isn't everything. If your husband loves you dearly, he will think you're not only hot, but you're a goddamn rock star for carrying that baby for 9 months!

For me, I think I like looking a certain way. If it inevitably gears toward "hot momma" territory, who cares? I like making an effort to look my best, and it boosts my happy hormones like crazy

#4 Do you think that there is such a thing as “mom style”?

This is tricky. I think there is -- and usually it means that it's not a very flattering/fashionable style! What comes to mind are dowdy clothes and no makeup and ... looking very homely. I feel it's unfair that moms get that kind of stereotype. Choosing comfort over style isn't solely reserved for parents!

But then again you see Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, they're moms -much older moms and they still wear sexy little things! I don't think there should be a limitation to what moms wear. Although I think moms should be more careful in choosing clothes and consider first the kind of occasion they're going to and if they have their kids with them.

#5 So how do you keep your personal style still intact in this new phase of your life?

I keep up by browsing Instagram, and anything else the Internet or magazines can offer. I'm an avid reader of anything that comes my way --from utility bills to prescriptions and magazines and really wonderful novels like Harry Potter. Just reading, and browsing. Oh, this trove of information straight to my phone!

#6 Parting words about being a stylish mom?

I think the greatest challenge in being one is to encourage other moms to do the same. It doesn't take a lot to be comfortable with a certain style, or find a style that suits you best. Start with the current pieces that you have and try to mix and match.

Being a stylish mom also creates a positive energy for me. I don't want life to just pass me by. I want to see my kids grow up, see my friends, go to work, pursue my hobbies and grow old with my husband. And what's wrong with having a family life while wearing a leopard print dress and red stilettos with a glass of bubbly in one hand right?


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