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Thursday, April 3, 2014


It’s enough that strangers whom you just met share their opinion about your body, but to go home to a bunch of people that you are stuck with for life and hear the same thing over and over again , now that’s torture. 

I was actually blessed enough to have a family that accepts and understands the uniqueness of everyone. But for the Erzulliestas who are struggling, here are 3 things to do when your family bullies you for your body, in any way. If you also got a story on how you got over yours, please do share. 

Again, results may vary with regards to these things. But these are my usual go-to social protocol when it comes to body topics. 

#1 Tell them that you are actually getting hurt

Most of the time, they may not just know as they may think “it’s just a joke” or “they are just concerned for your health” which are both noble thoughts. However, if you feel otherwise, just politely thank them for their concern and tell them that you feel offended or uncomfortable about the topic. If they keep on going, just politely leave the table. (No need to debate with them, their mind is set!)

#2 Make them talk about how beautiful they are

It’s a simple throw away really. At times, I have a relative that would tell me how I should lose weight and “look beautiful”, I tell them, “Thank you. I am already beautiful as I am, just like you. You look gorgeous! What did you do?” Then I get them to talk about their own beauty regimen and their wonderful journey to confidence. 

Most of the time, they would say, “No. I’m not” and I start telling them that they are crazy for saying that because I see a hottie. Afterwards, I just leave them with empowering words. Everybody wins. 

#3 End their sentences in a positive note for them. 

This trick, I have learned to perfect over time. There is this plus size neighbor of mine who literally greets everyone (thin or not) with “oh my gosh (insert name here) you have gained a lot of weight!” A lot of people get offended by this, but for me, I just take it as her natural nature and end her sentence with, “Yes, Miss. I did! And I feel gorgeous! Look at all the boobs and butt that I got. Some people actually pay doctors to have these. I got it for free!”After that, she never greeted me like that again. 

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