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Friday, February 6, 2015


Everyone may have heard about this at one point of their life or another. “Yuck. Look at that fattie! She shouldn’t wear that! Her bulges are showing!” Then you look at her and she is wearing a dress 2 sizes smaller, to the point that the seams are bursting, her love handles are everywhere and the outfit is too short to the point that we see her cellulites. Oh the irony right?

For me, it’s one of the greatest tragedy that another plus size woman can do to another plus size woman, criticizing another sister’s body when they are already in the same line of body type. Not only is she putting another person down, but she is also putting herself down in the process.

It was at this point that I was thinking, maybe the truth is that they secretly hate themselves too. Maybe they don’t know how to voice it out internally towards themselves so they need an outward expression of it to capture it properly.

Or maybe, just maybe, that is the part of themselves that they really wanted to have or do, but cannot really express it because their social surroundings are not that accepting. Maybe it’s a deflecting mechanism. That instead of them looking and judging her, she immediately shows the other person so that people would just cast their hate on that direction instead of her.

Whatever the reason maybe, it’s never really proper to hate on the body of another plus size woman, specifically if you are also one. You know what, let’s go further, all women should just celebrate each other. Isn’t that more wonderful?

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