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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Red flags in dating vary from one person to another. It all depends on the tolerance, but here is my top 5 red flags in dating.

#1 He laughs at your standards --- calling them “impossible and too high”

Truth is --- we are achievers. Since the dawn of intelligence, damn we want to do, make and get things. It’s in our nature. So those standards that you ask for? The “possibility and highness of it”

And so, the immediate reaction to your “impossible” standards is that it’s crazy. It’s easier that way to make them feel less bad that they do what you ask of them and also, they want you to see that, hoping that you would also believe it, so that you can just lower it a bit.

But you’re not stupid though. So if he laughs at your standards and telling you that it’s impossible and too high, then laugh back. He just doesn’t want to do it. Move on.

#2 He accepts those standards, but don’t conform to them.

Simple example: It’s like a cashier in the McDonald’s asking for your order, you give it only to find out he never wanted to serve it in the first place --- then why the hell are you in line?

Same with relationships. Why are you in line with someone who is just messing around with you like it’s a prank all the time? That hurts like hell, definitely true. But admitting this painful pill will actually be beneficial to your future. The faster you accept this, the faster you will move on. The faster you will move on, the faster you get to the right guy.

#3 He no longer communicates like he used to.

First time you guys met he was all over you. You try your hardest to resist and control. But soon enough you’re thinking --- why not? Let’s do this. Let’s communicate the hell out with each other.

Then after a few days --- burn out. Nada. Silence is your companion. Is he alive? You don’t know. Is he busy? No one knows. Is he with someone? Only he knows.

Simple logic. If he did it the first time round, he should be able to do it daily. Not because he can, but because he wants to. Know that he is fully capable of talking with you, it’s just that “he’s not into that anymore”. It only takes a few seconds to say, “Babe. I will be busy.” And if he can’t even spare to do that --- then what more of a minute?

Things to consider: broken bones, unconsciousness and grave deaths.

#4 He only wants to talk about your next sexy time.

Serious red flag. If this is the only topic he brings up every time he talks to you, think twice. I am just assuming though that you are looking for that one real love that consumes the two of you and brings forth that new life together. But if you are only here for the “love lols” then by all means dive in.

#5 He doesn’t really want to know you.

What I mean by this is that he never asked you anything about you and you, in turn, start to open up anyway.

Truth of the matter is, if he really wanted to know you, he would ask. If he doesn’t know something and wanted to know it, he would ask. If he wants clarification on something and wanted to know it, he will ask.

So the key phrase here is that “he will ask”. But if he didn’t and you end up trying so hard to impress him to keep him, then think about it --- can you do this for the rest of your life?


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