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Friday, June 3, 2016


It sounds weird. It sounds desperate. It sounds lonely. But it’s definitely the best kind of relationship you will ever have in this lifetime. So why should you have an affair with yourself?

#1 It’s one less enemy out there (and one eternal friend for you!)

If you are the type of person that thinks that the whole world is against you, then why add one more enemy to your list? I’m talking about you.

Befriend yourself and start loving it. Doing so, will definitely lighten your load way more than before.

#2 It actually makes you feel more content and everything else is just an additional.

Loving yourself can actually make you feel that you have everything that you need with you right here and now. Because you have you and love you, you don’t need to crave for external affirmations for love and care.

#3 It will actually make you happier.

There are many ways to happiness and one of it is loving you! Think about waking up and going to bed to the best person you will ever know every day. You also get to hang out, talk to and constantly care for “you” too.

And best of all, this kind of happiness --- will not cost you a thing. It’s for free!

#4 It will actually give you inner peace

That moment when you are alone and you feel that everything is all right in the world and for once in your life, no one is actually saying that it will be different. Loving yourself is one way to find inner peace and finally knowing that everything is and will always be all right.

#5 It’s going to open up a whole new adventure in your life.

Having an affair with yourself is a great new path to explore. It’s about finding what you want in life, knowing you deserve it and will willfully work towards it. It’s knowing that no matter what happens, you know you can pick yourself up because you believe in your own strength as a person.

So what are you waiting for? Have an affair with yourself today!


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