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Friday, August 26, 2016


Because style and fun doesn’t need to end when you are in a relationship. Here are 15 style dares that “taken women” need to do. Pick one and do it!

Click HERE for PART 2.

#11 Wear the “first date” dress/outfit (or buy one resembling it)

Let’s remind him of the first times now, shall we? If you still got the first date dress, how about you try it on during one of your date? Too old for you? Get a dress similar to it. We’re pretty sure, your partner will love the nostalgia. (Have it couture, even!)

#12 Get the long gown/formal dress that does it all

Well, now that you are taken, chances are you get invited by each other’s events. Get the long gown that does it all for you and save yourself from constantly buying a new long dress (or even rushing to get it) at the last minute.

Keep it solid in color. We suggest have it in a neutral color or if you are in the “dark side” of things, go for navy blue --- light enough to be a fun color, dark enough to be brooding.

#13 Organize a fashion trip with your girlfriends.

If you have been involved too much with your significant other, it’s time to pull off a sex and the city moment. And what better way to do it than with your girlfriends? Organize a trip to a fashion destination and get things going!

Alternative: with your lover

#14 Buy the “couple luggage”

Nothing says commitment than a couple that shares a bag in a trip! This is probably one of the hardest style dares for anyone to do. If you and your partner are really ready --- go and do the jump! Get a luggage that you and him can share for the trip.

#15 Try the opposite of your style just for one day.

Give your lover a shock factor by wearing the opposite of your usual. Not only will this be a break from your lover’s usual perception, it also can break your style monotony! And you’ll never know --- maybe you will like it as well.


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