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Sunday, December 4, 2016


Shopping is a sport as they say and if you don’t want to end up as a loser in the end of style, then better make sure you avoid these 5 bad shopping habits --- and you may not even be aware of it!

#1 Shopping with no idea

There are times that we just want to go to the mall and just “look around” for entertainment. Then we see that one thing on the window display. Our minds start to wander on when, where and how we are going to use it. Then, BAM! You bought it and 1 year later, you still haven’t used it.

Where does it end up? At the back of your closet or whatever part of the room that you have where it will never see the light of day again --- until the next plus size garage sale.
Money wasted and unnecessary closet space eater.

#2 Shopping with no price limit

In the age of credit cards and banks giving you a bigger limit without notice, you would think that you can really just HAVE IT ALL.

Well, ladies --- time to wise up! Credit card now means pay later and if you can’t pay the bill in full, then it will definitely just keep on piling up.

It’s not financial weakness when you know that you have a price limit. Truth be told, if you don’t buy one thing, it doesn’t mean that it’s your loss. In fact, it’s the store’s. So always remember that YOU have the power here, dear buyer. If you can’t buy it, then chuck it!

#3 Buying without fitting

Yes. Sometimes, you are just “too tired” to try it on. But if you are really shopping for it, it means that you need to use it. If you are going to use it, might as well see if it’s actually going to work. Try it on. It will look different on you than on the hanger.

And besides, when you try it on, you get to see the feel of the fabric and silhouette. You don’t want to make a second trip back once you see that it’s too small or too something. You just wasted more time driving back and forth, when you could have saved all that time by just trying it on.

#4 Buying without checking

You worked hard for that money so you have every right to check the quality of it. Seams should be kept in line. Zippers should go back and forth easily. Buttons should not be loose. Fabric should not have runs on it (not unless that is the style)

Check their returns policy too! That’s part of your right as a buyer as well. Usually it’s 7 days (even 30 if you are lucky).

#5 Buying outside your lifestyle

You walked around a bazaar and you saw this really cute brooch. You bought it thinking that you will be able to wear it someday, but truth of the matter is you are really more of a ring person.

What do you end up with? A brooch that will never be used and money that should have been reserved for finding your next best “ring”.

Life and style is always married with each other. Hence the word “lifestyle” was born. If you are going to shop for something, make sure that it actually fits your lifestyle. Otherwise, you will just end up with a trinket that you will never use and again --- money wasted.

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