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Thursday, April 14, 2016


There is no doubt. Erzullie Icon Loren Monares is one of the top plus size models in the country. Who would have thought that this curvaceous lady from Dumaguete will make such a splash in the Manila fashion scene and abroad? And with her recent crowning moment --- being featured in a French/English Magazine VolUp2 --- it seems like her modeling career just keeps on going up. Which begs the question --- why is she single and how can we un-single this Erzulliesta?

#1 You are currently single and dating. What do you think of it? Sad or sexy?

For me, being single has nothing to do with me being a plus size. I know this is hard to be accepted by others, but these are my thoughts about it.

Each of us has our own preference, be it our food, clothes or friends that we want to be with. Same goes for finding a partner. Some would like bigger or smaller partners. It’s about finding the one that you want and wants you back.

I am happily single and ready to mingle. Happiness is just a state of mind whether you are with a partner or not. Just as long as you have a positive outlook in life.

Besides, there’s so much more in life than being in a relationship that we need to appreciate. In my case, I learned to appreciate my family, friends, work, opportunities and other blessings. With all these, I always feel the love which keeps me going.

Of course, I’m not saying I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore. When the right man comes in the right time, then I would whole heartedly welcome him into my life. My point is, there is so much more in life that we can be happy about and not just having a boyfriend.

As to do I think there is an expiration date on love? Love conquers all. It does not have an end. My destiny might not come on the exact time I need it but it comes in God’s time. I always believe that God knows the perfect timing for us. So even if it seems like it’s taking quite some time now, so long as I am alive, I am willing to wait until the right one comes along.

#2 With that said, are you now ready to open up to a new relationship? Why or why not? 

Yes I am. (giggles) I have been single for more than 2 years already, so I believe I have enjoyed so much of my “single” status haha. Besides, I’m not getting any younger, so I should face reality that soon enough I also need to settle down and have my own family.

#3 What’s the point in your life that you knew you were ready for a relationship?

In my case, after the past relationship, I can say that I am ready to be in a relationship again when I know I have fully moved on. This means I have learned to forgive and let go of the past. I have picked up myself and became whole again.

#4 Describe the ideal relationship. Why these characteristics?

My ideal relationship is when there is love and respect with each other. It’s also important to have an open communication between the two. And for this to work there should be trust with each other. Most importantly, an ideal relationship for me is when God is in the center of it.

Definitely I would go for exclusive relationship. This is because I was raised in an environment of loyalty, love and respect for each other. Exclusivity to me is equivalent to loyalty.

#5 Describe your ideal partner. Why these characteristics?

My ideal partner would be someone who has God at the center of his life. Also, I would want to have a partner who knows how to balance work and life. Someone who knows when to take things or matters seriously and when to have fun at same time. Other qualities of my ideal partner would be faithful, loving, and has a clear direction of his life. Definitely, a person with good sense of humor would also attract me.

#6 What’s the best kind of date you can think of? Why that?

A candlelight dinner in a fine restaurant with a quartet serenading us. And while I am being serenaded, my man will hand over a bouquet of flowers and ask me to dance. Reason is, only a few gentlemen do this nowadays and it would make me feel really special and nostalgic. If the guy gets out of his way to do something extraordinary for me. I will definitely treasure that moment.

#7 Are you still into being courted / “ligaw”? Why or why not?

Yes I am still into “ligaw” or being courted as I am a Filipina and I am very conservative. I would like to know the guy better before getting into a relationship. It would take time to get to know the person better. It’s really important not to rush things and get to know the person deeper just to make sure that we are compatible. It’s important for me to know the “bad” side of the person because this will help me assess myself if I really love this person. Because I believe that when you love a person, you are willing to accept him as a whole, both his good and bad sides.

#8 What’s the cheesiest gift you can think of coming from a suitor, but you know you like it anyway? Why that?

I really have so much love for flowers. I feel that giving flowers is one of the sweetest ways to express your care or love for a person. Having said that, a very “large” bouquet of flowers sent to my office would be the cheesiest gift and gesture I can get from a suitor. This would make me feel really kilig to death and since this is a very LARGE bouquet this will be visible to everybody in the office.

#9 What makes you stay in a relationship? Why so?

The 3 things that will make me stay in a relationship are Love, Respect and Trust. These are the 3 key things, I believe, that strengthens both and the relationship.

No matter how hard the problem or challenge you may face, so long as you have love that binds you together, nothing can ever pull you down.

No matter how external factors may cause trouble between the two of you, so long as you have trust with each other, nothing can destroy your faith in your relationship.

No matter how many temptations come that may destroy you, so long as you have respect towards your partner, nothing should be able to influence you to destroy the trust and love you have for each other.


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