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Thursday, October 13, 2016


Stuck in a rut in the creativity/inspiration department? Feeling listless? Feeling worthless? Feeling like there is no reason in the world to continue? Maybe you just need some spirit refreshment. Here are 10 powerful “cocktails” to drink in.

#1 Take a shower.

It’s simple and direct to the point. I am talking about a good hot shower to ease your muscles or a cold one to invigorate you from head to toe. A change in temperature will change your body’s mood in a flash!

#2 Change scenarios

Maybe you feel ugly because you see all the ugly things around you. Take your favorite bag, put on your fiercest Erzullie outfit and go out. See something beautiful. Watch a movie. Try a new restaurant. Have a coffee. Just change your scene. It will definitely shift your views and spirit.

#3 Practice breathing for 3 minutes (at least)

Be aware of your breathing for at least 3 minutes. But Aries! I got things to do!
Guess what? It’s still going to be there after 3 minutes. So take the 3 minutes and run with it to refresh yourself.

#4 Talk to a friend (a positive one at that)

Ask about their day. Laugh a little. Sometimes looking at other people’s situations can actually refresh our views about our own. So go ahead and chat with a positive person. It will rejuvenate you

#5 Watch something funny.

Cartoons or movies --- it doesn’t matter. Just find that one movie that always make you laugh. Laughter will definitely change your spirit and your perception about your current situation.


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