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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Sure. Being with your girlfriends is always fun. But there are just some times that you need to be alone to be just yourself without judgment and recharge your batteries. Below is our suggestions on things to do:


#11 Go to a Museum

Art of not --- there’s a lot of museums in the metro. Get out of your comfort zone and visit one. You’ll be surprised on how refreshing it is for your inspiration.

#12 Visit a new restaurant

Those lists of top 10 best something were not made just for entertainment. Well okay, maybe it is. But yours at that! Check out some top 10 lists of restaurants and let fate decide where you should go. Surprise yourself with their best seller.

#13 Throw away stuff

This may sound like part of the cleaning thing, but we are talking about going through your closet and throwing away things that no longer serve you. Think of this as you making room for the new things in your life.

#14 Get your hair treated

Daily shampoo and conditioner is a great thing but a 3-10 minute hair treatment is a luxury that you deserve. Go on and get cared for.

#15 Gym time

Curvy or thin --- everybody needs exercise. Go and get your shot of endorphins. Exercise is a form of self-care. Attend a dance class or some yoga. It’s always great to stay active.

#16 Drink at a bar

You don’t really need your girlfriends to hang out in a low key bar. Go out and have a drink for yourself. You will never know if you meet a new guy or girl in town.

#17 Attend an event

Any event would be nice. Just make sure that you are interested in it. Whether it’s a fashion show down to someone’s baptismal, if you’re invited --- go do it!

#18 Rest up --- like sleep!

Gone are the days that we wish we can still stay up late. I think we have gone to the age where sleep has become a luxury. So why not indulge?

#19 Meditation

I always say this. Calm your mind. Release the clutter in your head and breathe deep. Focus on it for a few minutes. It’s going to be thaaaaat relaxing.

#20 Catch up on your favorite series

Thank goodness for the internet! We no longer have to rely on playbacks on the TV for our favorite series. Just go online and catch up with the episodes that you have missed right in the comfort of your bed


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