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Saturday, November 19, 2016


Sure. Being with your girlfriends is always fun. But there are just some times that you need to be alone to be just yourself without judgment and recharge your batteries. Below is our suggestions on things to do:


#21 Arrange your finances

Caring for your finances is caring for you. It's about the money you work hard for to make a living. Get it update. Deposit your savings. Make sure everything is peachy. You'll than your past self for it.

#22 Re-Watch some old series that you love

If you are not liking the current ones, then maybe you are up for the old. I am going to raise my hand and say that I have been re-watching Gossip Girl and Friends again.

#23 Get Spiritual

Time to tune in to the Universe. Whatever your path maybe. Your day off is for you to reconnect not only with yourself, but also the ones beyond you.

#24 Go to a park/mall

If you are more of a scenario kind of girl, go and change scenes. Go and reconnect with the nature of the Urban Jungle --- the park (ahem Mall). Pack a sandwich and buy a drink. Sit on a bench and just watch the world change around you.

#25 Engage in a class

Art class, flower arrangements, archery, taekwondo --- whatever you fancy. Take a class for your day off and learn a new trick or two.

#26 Draw/Paint

If kids can draw and paint and have it displayed on the fridge, then surely you as an adult can have the privilege. Do you know there are now wine and painting shops that you can go to? Sip and paint, ladies. Sip and paint.

#27 Practice your make-up skills

We are not talking about you getting your countour degree on. But it wouldn’t hurt to know how to put on make-up (even the daily kind) on. Practice your make-up skills and you may be saving yourself some money from constantly going to a salon for it.

#28 Practice your hair styling skills

This is actually a survival thing. Your hair is part of your life and you need to know how to properly style it should there be an emergency affair and you can’t go to a salon last minute. Grab your laptop and go to youtube. Enjoy the tutorials.

#29 Enjoy a long shower/bath

With all the days so quick, we are pretty sure you just did what you could with your daily shower and bathing. Now that it’s your day off, time to cool down and enjoy the water. Light some candles. Bring out the best towels and get your long shower/bath on.

#30 Take a walk

Have you ever had that moment wherein you have been walking past by something and it’s like it has been there for so long yet you have only noticed it now? Time to smell the flowers on the road, sweetie. Take a nice walk around your vicinity. Be safe, of course.

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