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Sunday, April 9, 2017


Erzulliestas are powerful on their own. But then again power attracts power and it always ends up that Erzulliestas attract the fiercest of friends. And it’s not like any other friendship --- we are talking about women who support, love and protect each other. So who are the 5 fierce friends that you should really have?

#1 The one who was there when you lost it all.

Kudos to those women who stick it with you when you were no longer shiny and bright! Keep the women who loved you when you were a mess and helped you get out of it!

#2 The one who was there celebrating with you when you got it all (and actually means it)

Let’s face it. There are times that we do encounter some people who say “yey” in front but talk “blah” at the back. Kick those people to the curb! But the good news is, just like anything else in this world, there is an opposite of that. Keep the friend that celebrates your success as if it was her own.

Not only is that added positive energy, but that’s just plain and simple maturity!

#3 The one who has a way of telling you when to “stop”.

It’s an art really. Sometimes we need a friend who has a way of telling us when we are headed for a disaster and gently veer us away from that as much as possible. She’s a bit of a rare friend but when you do find her --- she’s a keeper.

#4 The one who protects you.

One cannot express this enough. We all need that one friend who protects you from both internal and external unhealthy factors. The one that you can depend on when things go south and you need to recuperate and you need a person that can shield you from all your woes. Appreciate that girl and keep her.

#5 The one who has your back.

Loyalty has always been very stylish. So this is a no-brainer. Get and keep yourself a girl who will always have your back. The one who will not tolerate hearing bad things about you (when they are definitely not true) and defend you when necessary. You definitely, cannot get enough of that.

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