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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


The first time I saw Erzulliesta Corinne De Guzman, she was up for the plus size model open shoot. She was one of the early batches. There was something very feisty about this woman and who would have thought that at that point she was already in her 40’s?

Fast forward, out of thousands of applicants, here she is… part of the top 5 for The Next Erzullie Icon 2017. And of course, we asked her the magical question --- who she is as an Erzulliesta? And for you ladies, does she represent you?

"I am an Erzulliesta representing ladies in their mid-life, and those although senior in age, but will always be innocent and a child at heart. I want to stand up for those ladies who have yet to start realizing their dreams because it is never too late.

I represent career women, go-getters who always have time for family, who believes that age and size are just numbers that should not deter oneself from achieving their dreams. I am Corinne de Guzman, and i am an Erzulliesta." - Erzulliesta Corinne De Guzman

What do you think, ladies?


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