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Friday, January 13, 2017


Nothing celebrates new beginnings than a whole new look! And this 2017, although we do know that you girls are already rocking your fierce curves daily, the moment you decide to switch your look, we hope that this becomes your guide.

#1 Get a photo of what you want to look like

The internet is a great resource for anything fashion and style. And with the constant rise of social media, ideas all around the globe are being shared for everyone's benefit (or not). So go and google a look that you would like to happen to you. Pick three!

If you can' find a look that you do like, maybe the "mood" that you are aiming for will help you jog your inspiration spirit a bit. Go to the internet and just get photos of things that you like. You will never know maybe you are loving "pink" right now and it may inspire you to get either a wardrobe of it or the hair color.

Maybe you are looking for a hipster look? A bohemian one? Geeky? Nerdy? (Those two are different!) Just go and look for inspiration, and we sure that it will clap back at you.

#2 Ask help

If it's something about the hair, please consult a professional. As much as there are a lot of reviews and how-to's in the internet, sometimes a little extra money on getting it done professionally is bit safer than the usual guessing game.

You will never know, maybe the hair stylist can suggest some tweaks about the look you want and suggest the best one that would look great on your face shape and body. Know as well that as much as we love the photo that you have picked for your "fierce-over", the effect on you will be different.

YOU ARE NOT THE PHOTO. For all we know, you are fiercer and we should always let that truth shine.

When it comes to style, however, I know that you ladies were already born with a fierce plus size fashion DNA that no one can't deny. Shop according to the look that you have found or find one that's already in your closet and have you trusty tailor spice it up for you. Of course, if DIY is your thing, then who are we to deny it? Go do your thing, Erzulliesta!

#3 Set a budget

I know that for Erzulliestas, money is not a thing. Having a budget actually says that you are woman with a plan and have full knowledge of herself and capacities. Nothing says power more than a woman who can define a "yes" from a "no".

So when you do give yourself a fierce-over, make sure that you set a budget for it. It doesn't have to be done all at the same day, mind you. You can spread this little project of yours all throughout the year.

You know. Something to entertain you with.

#4 Take a photo when it's all said and done!

We know how much you ladies love your social media. And in many ways you are proud of what you have done, why not share this new fierce curve look to everyone? You will never know. Maybe, you will inspire someone.

Erzullie is an invite-only fierce plus size fashion designer brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving the style of the empowered Erzulliesta. Get invited: